Relationship Advice from Gilmore Girls

Oh, Luke and Lorelai.  How I miss your banter and coffee cravings.  Yes, I loved Gilmore Girls, and I, too, was disappointed with the series finale.    They deserved a wedding! And then Lorelai should have gotten pregnant with twins!  If you watched this show, then you know exactly how frustrating it was to watch these characters ruin their own lives just because they couldn’t manage to keep honest communication going for more than five seconds. Lorelai hid her feelings from Luke, lied to him, and cheated on him. Luke found out he had a daughter and didn’t bother to share the news. He, too, lied. He, too, hid his feelings. And for weeks — months!!– we Gilmore fans begged and pleaded for these two to talk. To be honest.  But as it usually goes, they had to hit the rock bottom of all rock bottoms (which happens when you’ve got all that not telling the truth going on)  before they learned their lessons about honesty. 

 An observation about television: the best plots usually involve some form or another of deceit.  Think about it.  Lying, cheating, hiding the truth…these are the building blocks of a great episode or two.  Usually they drag these things out, leaving you nervous for weeks. You know it’s only a matter of time before the betrayal comes to light and everything changes for the people involved.  These plots keep on being written because they’re game-changers.  If anything can make characters fall apart and away from one another, it’s the awful nature of deception.  It can be painful to watch.

It’s even more painful to live it.

Your friends and family, sometimes without even realizing it, can and will let you down.  It’s hard to find trustworthy friends, and even the most trustworthy of us can make mistakes….at some point in your life, you might be lied to. You might be betrayed in some big or small way.  Or maybe someone you love simply changes, for better or for worse, and the two of you grow apart because of it. 

Good news:  when it comes to God, this is something you never, ever have to worry about.

Whatever happens — even if you can’t trust your own best friend — you can trust HIM. Completely. Totally. Without hesitation.  Because He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)– and there is no deceit in Him. Anything He promises us is sure.  (Numbers 23:19)

When He says He’ll never leave or forsake you: believe it. 

When He says He’ll take care of you: believe it. 

When He says He loves you: believe it.

He is dependable in a world that is not.  When others may fail, He is faithful.


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