One Word 2011

As I just deleted the post I spent 45 minutes writing (arrrgghhh!!!), I figured now would be a good time to direct you guys over to  The writer of Grit and Glory, an awesome blogger you should read, began a movement…kind of on accident. She picked one word to focus on in 2010 and wrote about how it affected her relationships (with God and other people)  and growth during the year. As she began to discuss choosing a word for 2011, others began to pick their own words and sharing them…basically, instead of coming up with a list of hard-to-keep-up resolutions, this one word creates a focus and vision for the year.

Ironically, I found this site after determining a particular goal for myself this year, which I’ll share later on this week.  For now, check out this site and see what you think!


2 thoughts on “One Word 2011

  1. Hi, Christie

    You’re blog is beautiful. I believe I’m hooked as a followerer here and no, I don’t mind if you link to me as well.

    This One Word movement is new to me, but I love it. Thanks for shaing. I’m going to pray and seek God for what my word for the year will be. What a fun and exciting challenge.

    God Bless

  2. Hi Toya, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words…I’m glad the One Word movement caught your heart like it did mine. I’m really excited to see how God uses this idea in our lives to make a real difference for Him.
    God bless and I look forward to ‘visiting’ with you on our blogs! 🙂

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