I love the pine trees around my house. I don’t mind the needles they shed and the pine-cones underfoot.  I like the consistency they offer.  Green in summer, fall, winter, and spring…like friendly guardians, they’re sure and steady year after year.

Every morning,  I drink my coffee as the sun rises. I look out my windows and watch as they stand in companionable silence, branches lifted up to the sun. I offer up prayers as they, by their very existence, glorify the One who made them.

Birds perch on their branches, squirrels scurry over the limbs. These trees are homes and in and out of season, they stand bravely in all elements. Unshaken, they endure cold and heat, droughts and storms.

I watch them sway in the wind, reaching into the sky. It’s a comfort to see them every day.  In the snow, in the fog, in the rain, in the sun…they are unchanging. They are proud representatives of their Creator and when I see my trees, I think of my enduring Dwelling Place.

He, too, is constant.  In and out of season, He remains the same. He does not change with the weather of our lives. There is no situation in which He falters or moves. Always, He provides shelter.  Always, He provides a refuge.

Always, He offers love.

No matter where the road leads, He is there.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  ~Hebrews 13:8


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