Trusting Him

My brain is full of the images coming to us from Japan and my heart is heavy with sorrow, knowing that many lives have been lost and many hearts have been broken.  I hope that we are all praying for those affected and the men and women who are there to help in the aftermath.

I was tempted to leave this post at that — because it’s difficult to process all of this tragedy…and all day, watching the news, I kept thinking that this could be any of us. Without warning, without time to prepare…our world can change in an instant,  just like it did for so many people today.  It’s a reality that we don’t like to think about.

But God’s character stands, even in the face of  disaster, and I don’t want that to go unsaid. 

Can I give you any answer as to why these things happen?

Not really, not to any true satisfaction.

But I can tell you that He is still in control. He is still present.  Still, He is love.

It’s on days like these that we, more than ever,  must trust who He is and know that He is faithful. 

He sees what we cannot see. He understands the plan of redemption — a plan of mercy — that began with creation.   He is the Alpha, yes, but He is also the Omega.  And from the beginning into eternity, He is the I AM. The same yesterday, today, and forever. Holy. All-knowing. All-powerful. Savior.

It’s a fact — in this world, we will see days like today. The unthinkable happens. The earth seems like it’s literally falling apart around us.

But our truth is this — our souls and our futures are secure in Him. We can rejoice, even in the midst of sorrow, because God is our hope. If the world crumbles before our eyes, we will lift our eyes to the Maker of heaven and earth, knowing that the same God who created us and knows each tear that we have cried is still holding us in His hands.

That’s what I can give to you —  the reminder that He is the constant in  our fragile existence.

And knowing all this, knowing that He is the light in our darkness…understanding that we are called to love people like He loves people and to offer hope in every way…can we join together in helping those who are suffering?

I know many organizations will be offering aid to those in crisis, but I have great faith in World Vision and the Red Cross.  Please consider giving a donation — every little bit will count.

This is the time when our faith bears the fruit of action: trusting when the road is hard, standing in faith instead of (maybe in spite of) fear. giving when others are empty, interceding for those who are without hope, loving in and out of every situation.


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