Why He Came

My seven year old loves to be in charge when he’s playing with his younger brother and sister. Usually, he names himself as Pirate Captain/General/Master Ninja/Top Spy/Sheriff/King, etc. In other words: the Boss.  It’s interesting to eavesdrop and hear how he uses that power. Sometimes it’s to ‘train’ the others, if he happens to decide they’re on his team for this round. He’ll let them become his assistants, his workers, his back-up team to take down the bad guys.

But pretty often, he just likes to ‘lock’ them up in jail.

Having power and authority (even just over your own two siblings) can go to a person’s head. I think we can all look over history and see proof of this. Something in human nature just gets greedy when given influence over others…and, pretty often, power becomes all about selfish gain. Doesn’t our world tell us to go for whatever we want? Aren’t we supposed to get the most stuff, the best stuff, the most followers, the biggest fan-base?

It’s fascinating to know that the most powerful King of all flipped all of that upside down.

Jesus, King of Heaven and Earth, had started His ministry. He had a handful of close followers (nobody too special) and His authority had been established. God Himself had declared that this man was His Son. Demons were terrified in His presence.

With all of this, I’m sure that those who knew Him best waited for a great proclamation of power. Maybe they expected Him to gather those followers and train them into generals. Perhaps they woke up every day, hoping that this was the day He’d announce His Kingship and demolish the Roman empire.

But instead?

From there he went all over Galilee. He used synagogues for meeting places and taught people the truth of God. God’s kingdom was his theme—that beginning right now they were under God’s government, a good government! He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects of their bad lives. Word got around the entire Roman province of Syria. People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all. ~Matthew 4:23-24

He led no revolt because His Kingdom, one without end, did not depend upon the state of the Romans. The Kingdom of God did not require toppled governments, but transformed hearts. His timeline was eternal, and He knew that those who were admitted into His country would one day see Him declare His authority and glory over a new heaven and a new earth. But that time had not yet come. He was not there to free them from foreign rule.

He was there to free them from sin. Not many understood at the time, but His death on the cross was the greatest victory of all time–there, His power redeemed us.  

With His power, He delivered their hearts from captivity. He did not do this to bring honor to Himself, but to His Father. With His power, He healed their hearts, their minds, and their bodies. He did not spend His days with those who would benefit Him, but with those He could benefit.

The King who could’ve ruled the world with ease did not make a move towards a throne.

Instead, He stood at the doors of scarred hearts and waited to be let in…so that He could fill that heart with hope, peace, and love.

He’s still standing there now.

Will you let Him into your life?

Whatever your pain, your sin, or your sorrow — He came to heal. He came to forgive. He came to restore.  He came to love.

And He came to do all of that for you.


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