When All is Quiet

Sometimes the words don’t come so easily.

I don’t know why.

This is one of those seasons…and I used to worry about these times, that maybe a day would come when I really had nothing else to say.

But maybe it’s more of a natural ebb and flow…and there is a time for observing and filling up the heart before the time of sharing what has been found.

What I don’t want to do is remain silent out of fear of not having something ‘good’ to say. Because, to be honest, my words are never going to be ‘perfect’ and my thoughts enough to make someone’s life brighter.

But the Savior I write about?  He is more than enough. His Word is perfect. His Words are life itself.

So as I falter and regroup and create and ponder and have time and have little time…let me never fail to remind you of why I began this blog over a year ago. Because I wanted to tell you, whoever you are, that you are loved. You were created on purpose and with purpose. You matter…the God who spoke the earth into existence says that you are precious to Him.

In Him, you have hope.

In Him, you have love.

When my words are few, maybe it’s so His can be heard more clearly.

So maybe we can sit quietly together, you and I, and just sing to Him today?

“Be blessed, be loved, be lifted high. Be treasured here, be glorified. I owe my life to You, my Lord…here I am, knees to the earth, here I am…”






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