In and Out of Fog

There was a heavy fog this morning…the kind that casts an invisible cloak over everything that is more than a few feet ahead. My boys were worried as we got into the car to drive to school.

“How will you see the way to get there?” Christian asked.

“Headlights,” I answered. “Lights are powerful enough to get us through fog.”

He was content with this answer, but I was a little anxious as I pulled up to the stop sign before driving across the highway. I had to trust the light cast from my own car and the others around me…for me, the ride was wreaking a bit of havoc on my nerves. The boys, however, were having fun.

Sean and Christian had their imaginations in full force. Out in the fog, anything was possible. Pirate ships, trains, monsters…a world hidden by the mist. They were incredulous when we arrived to the school and it had seemed to disappear. So we pretended alarm and wondered where it had gone and how it had vanished…when we drove up to the drop-off point, the boys exclaimed at the sudden appearance of the building — “It was there all along!” we said, laughing.

This mini-adventure made me think of our faith-walk. How we walk by the Light of the world, able to only see a few feet ahead. The boys trusted me and the headlights…so they enjoyed the journey, fear far from their minds because of their confidence. I hope that we can put that same kind of child-like trust into our Father, knowing that He will guide us, that His Word will be a lamp unto our feet and our path, even when we can’t see what lies beyond our vision. We trust in those things that we know to be sure: His presence, His kingdom, His love. He asks that we trust in Him with all of our hearts and He will direct our paths, even when our destination can’t be seen from this place on the road. He lays out our steps and we may only be able to see the one in front of us — but that is enough. Because we know that when we move forward, He will provide the next one…

And in this way we press on and know that, someday, the Son will shine through in all His glory, revealing everything that remains now in shadow…in this day, we shall “see face to face…and shall know fully, even as we are known.” Darkness will fall away forever and we will see our Savior clearly, our faith becoming sight. I feel certain that we will rejoice–not just because we finally see Him, but because He has been with us all along.


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