Monday Night Prayer

“Almighty God,

eternal, just and merciful One;

Grant us, who are in this lowly state,

the power of grace,

to do for you and you alone

what we know you ask us to do.

Grant us always to passionately desire

what pleases you! (Phil. 2:12-13).

In conforming our will to yours,

we are cleansed in our inner being,

filled by your light within,

and our hearts are set aflame

by the bright blaze of the Holy Spirit!

This is the inner path we must walk,

if we would follow in the footprints

of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ! (John 4:24)

It is by your wooing, empowering grace alone

that people make their way to you–

O Most High!

Yes, to You, who live and govern all things

in perfect Trinity, complete oneness,

who are glorified,

God all-powerful,

forever and ever!”

–Letter to the Order, Francis of Assisi


5 thoughts on “Monday Night Prayer

    1. This prayer struck a chord with me, too! I love how it expresses such desire for God. Thanks for stopping by, Dicky…I clicked over to your blog and really enjoyed reading your thoughts. It’s always so good to find an encouraging blog to add to my reading list! Have a blessed day!

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