Grateful for the Gifts

A wonderful piece of my day usually looks something like this: three kids, smelling soapy and clean from baths, circled around me and their attention taken captive by the book in my hands…there may be some pushing, an occasional whine…but for the most part, this time of stories and prayers is a sweet one.  We talk about what we’ve read, what we’re looking forward to the next day, and the boys usually offer some out-of-the-blue invention or plan they’ve been mulling over.  This night-time hour is special to me…I love that they are eager to share their thoughts with me.  I am always better for having listened to their perspectives…

…and with this peaceful time in mind, I offer you the posts that have encouraged my heart and mind today.  I love the variety of the internet — how God has blessed so many with this gift of words.  I am grateful for the family of God that can reach across time and location to share a word of comfort, challenge, or hope.  I hope that these links will help you to have your own sweet hour of ideas and imagination, prayers and evening peace.

For times when you feel less than perfect…Joy Feast.

For when you’re afraid your words don’t matter…Your Story Matters More Than Your Stats

For those days you feel unsteady…When You’re Not Cut Out For This

For enriching your knowledge…a series on the history and city of Israel.

And knowing that our peace is possible because He chose to be our Savior…may we bring “glory to the God above, full of truth and endless love, He who is and was and always will be!”


Happy Wednesday, friends!  {I’d love to know what bright words have spoken to your heart lately…if you have a moment, won’t you share in the comments?}


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