Monday Morning Prayer

Our Father…

Most holy Father–

our Creator, Redeemer,

our Consoler, and Savior (Isaiah 43:3).

Who art in heaven…

You are in the angels and in the saints,

filling them with the light of love,

because You, Lord, are light (1 John 1:5),


them to love,

because You, Lord, are love (1 John 4:8).

Dwelling in them, flooding

them with happiness

because You, Lord, are the highest good,

the eternal good,

from whom all good comes,

without whom there is no good at all.

Hallowed by thy name…

May our knowledge of You become

pure and clear,

that we may understand

how wide are Your blessings,

how long are Your promises,

how high is Your majesty,

and how deep are Your judgments!

May Your kingdom come…

Govern our lives through Your grace,

and help us to come into Your kingdom daily,

with an unclouded vision of You,

a love for You that is perfect,

happy to be Your companion,

enjoying You today and forever…

~Prayer inspired by the Lord’s Prayer, Francis of Assisi



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