Thoughts While Making Spaghetti


I am here, in my kitchen with a sink half-full of dirty dishes and pasta boiling on the stove. One child is practicing Jingle Bells on his cello and the other two are running around playing an ill-advised game of tag. There is laundry to do and it is getting colder outside. The sky is darkening and the sunset is orange behind the swing set and the pine trees…night will arrive in that moment I never can quite catch, the crossing of day’s end. I’ve promised a post-dinner board game and everyone needs a bath…my husband will come home after dark. I’ll sit by him and work on the Greek class that has my brain in a jumble of inflection and vocabulary until I (inevitably) fall asleep. Another evening of dishes, stories, the Food Network. I don’t know what your version of a regular night is, but this is mine.

And in the midst of all this, I think of those who have lost these common, ordinary securities over the last week or so. I am reminded to be grateful for every out of place toy, every piece of laundry I must fold, the strawberry yogurt that was JUST splattered all over the kitchen floor…every moment with these miracle-people I call family.

It is so easy to get caught up in the every-day. We forget how rare and beautiful the every-day really is…and my heart is crumbling for all the times I’ve taken it for granted, for all the times I forget to say thank You. I am sorry for those moments.

I don’t want to live thoughtlessly. I want to live in constant awe and gratitude for what has been given to me…I want to be soul-awake so that I don’t sleep-walk through a field of blessings and never notice the splendor.

Will you join with me in looking at our ‘ordinary’ and seeing the extraordinary? The blessings? The marvel of spaghetti and another Monday night?

Will you join with me in praying for all of those affected by the devastating storms? Power isn’t in our words, but in the One who hears them…I know that the Holy Spirit can comfort and provide.

We can also help by donating through World Vision, who has already began reaching out to these communities. 

In an uncertain world, we have certain strength in Christ (Phil. 4:13).I hope that we will find a way to share His truth in love this week with someone who needs Him.






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