He loves you. This is the beautiful and sufficient truth that the well-worn but never worn-out Word speaks from crinkly pages and red letters. Ancient but ever-new…the Word that was, that is, and will be speaks for your heart. You are loved. Precious. Cherished.

And He doesn’t expect you to fix things on your own. He doesn’t expect you to muscle-up enough to hold your problems, your sorrows, your fears. He doesn’t want you to struggle, pulling along the weight of yesterday.

He loves you. So He says to leave all of that up to Him, to cast all your anxieties upon Him. He says that when you’re weak, He’ll be strong for you.

There isn’t anything that will scare Him away. There isn’t anything too spun out of control. There is nothing out of His reach, nothing He cannot redeem.

He knows you. He loves you.

It’s marvelous and it’s simple…it’s what the whole story comes to…the love of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit reaching out and delighting in the love you offer in return.


6 thoughts on “Simply…

  1. Oh My God! On time! Thank you! This is beautifully expressed! I just finished a painting about His Love and this post describes what I was trying to capture… His “Amazing Love” for us… Thank You for being a willing vessel. Many blessings. :))

    1. Margie, thank you so much for visiting and for celebrating His love with me! I just checked out your site and your art is BEAUTIFUL. I am always in awe of visual artists and so thankful for the talent that can create such gorgeous representations of life and love. It’s incredible how you are using art to show the love of Christ in such a graceful way…I’m so glad to have found your work! Thanks again for stopping by with such encouragement!

      1. Awww Thank You… I am humbled, but I can’t take the credit for my work… Most of the time I feel as if I am just holding the brush. God has been sooo good to me… He is worthy of all of my praise.


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