I am having one of those weeks…a week that reminds me of everything that I can’t control. Days that go by in their unpredictable ways. Things happen close to heart, here at home, and far away…things that make me stop, breath slow and tears quick, realizing once again how fragile this life. How delicate…how precious, the hours we are given. And a familiar ache begins in my stomach, a particular weight dropping on my mind – fear, with its sticky tentacles, tries to latch on.

Sometimes, when one of my kids gets hurt or frustrated, they immediately start howling their tears and all I can hear, besides their crying, is feet bounding over the hard wood floors. They are running to me.  Without hesitation, without thinking about it, without a plan. They need me and they run.

I move to meet their outstretched hands with my open arms, ready to love them. Ready to help soothe and make better what I can.

Today, this week…when fear tries to grab hold…I run to Him like my own children run to me. I need Him. I need to remember who He is. I need to see the perfection and hope of His plan – the eternal stretch of our future – instead of these situations. So I reach out my hands, I hold onto Him. To His Word.

He meets me there, in Living Words that speak of His power. His compassion that calms my worries, reminds me of how He has always been faithful. His perfect love reminds me that He always will be faithful.

His arms are always open. He has held me all along.

If fear is trying to sneak its way into your heart and mind, don’t hesitate. Run to your Father. Tell Him what it is that is tying your stomach into knots. Tell Him what brings the tears to your eyes. It is okay to fall into pieces in His arms. He is the One who makes us strong in our weakness.  He is the one who gives joy that nothing can take away…peace deeper than our understanding.

I promise you this: He cares. He is ready to help. He wants you to rest in His arms.

Remember who He is. All-power, all-strength, all-authority, all-grace, all-mercy, all-love. When you ask Him to fill you up with the knowledge of who He is…when you surrender your heart to His presence…you’ll find that His love wholly covers you.

In Him – in His all-sufficient love- you’ll find that there is no room left for fear in your heart.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” ~Isaiah 41:10


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