Just a reminder today: regardless of how things might appear, God is King of every generation and every nation in our world. His words will not pass away. His name will never cease to be proclaimed. His mercy endures. Hope is ever ours, because His love does not fail and He does not change.

We are the children of a God who hears our worship and our prayers…and if we can join in unity with this great family of God that stretches from wherever we are to all around this globe…He will hear and He will answer our generation’s need for peace in every circumstance, strength to walk in His way, and love that comes from and reflects His heart. Things are not easy, but we are not alone. He is with us…and He is the head of our family, a family that is meant to love one another. Let’s pray, today and every day, for our brothers and sisters in Christ…the family we know now and the family we will know one day, when we’re called Home.

We are the bride of Christ…may we, as one, show the world who He is…so that they may know His love.

“Great and marvelous are Your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are Your ways, King of the ages. Who will not fear You, O Lord, and bring glory to Your name? For You alone are holy. All nations will come before You, for Your righteous acts have been revealed.” ~Revelation 15:3-4


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