Note from A Self-Prescribed Time Out

I confess that I am writing this to you from inside my bedroom closet. It is one of those evenings in which my children, who have been blessed with extraordinary volume in their little bodies, are running around at full-speed. They are having a great time together, but it has been an errand-y sort of day and there are things weighing on my mind…so, here I am, listening to them from (sort of) afar and taking a little break before we get ready for church.

Sometimes, friends, we need a moment to re-focus our hearts toward Jesus and just take a few deep breaths.

It’s the middle of the week. Maybe your own mind is full of worry and what needs to be done. Maybe you are busy and tired. Maybe you are facing problems that you have no control over…maybe you are waiting for answers to come, for the pain to ease.

I don’t have any easy solutions for the issues I can see in my own life or for the difficulties you might be facing.

But – as two well-loved disciples once said – what I do have, I give to you.

I have this – Isaiah 53, which gives us a Savior who took up our pain and bore our suffering…a Savior who endured punishment to bring us peace, who was wounded so we could be healed.

I have Hebrews 7:25, which tells me that this same Savior ‘always lives to intercede’ for us…He who ’empathizes with our weakness’. Yes, because of Him – we may ‘receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need’.

What I have to give you is the truth that Jesus is with you in the chaos, in the pain, in the every-day of your life. He understands the emotion, the weariness, and the struggle. So many times the New Testament talks about how Jesus had compassion on those around Him…and He still does. In Him, you find a friend who will listen, a safe place to pour out your anxiety and your fears. In Him, you find a constant companion who will not ever walk away from you or leave you in your despair. He is like His Father – close to the broken-hearted.

In our hard times, we can’t make a wish and see the problems disappear. But we can bring it all to our Savior, who suffered so that He could bring us peace in a broken world. He took on our pain so He could help us bear these trials, here and now.

So let this be the reminder to me and to you…He is ever-near and ever-ready to listen.  His grace gives us what we need to keep going, to keep hoping, to keep joy no matter what. He sustains us. And when we are weak, He gives us His strength…fresh strength, strength that never grows tired or weary.

He is there, with you, and He isn’t going to leave you alone.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.-Psalm 73:26









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