Bird-Song (Let Us Sing Along)

photo (8)

I was rushing, something I am often doing these days. But I noticed this bird as I was walking back to my car…he didn’t fly away as I approached, so I stopped to watch him. And after I paused on the sidewalk, this bird began to sing. Up and down the scale, holding out trills, letting loose a vibrato that any vocalist would admire. This was a jazzy solo act, an unhesitant outpouring. For several solid minutes, I stood there in the afternoon sun and listened. It felt like a song of joy, an unafraid anthem.

I think that maybe this bird’s exuberant, unhindered song means something like the lyrics that keep humming in my heart…Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives!

It is reason enough to sing out with all of your heart, isn’t it, little bird?

He lives and our days are all known to Him. He lives and He promises to provide what we need. He lives and He is with us. He lives and the faithfulness of His love is our unfailing hope.

It is reason enough for us to sing out, too.





3 thoughts on “Bird-Song (Let Us Sing Along)

  1. Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong, sing of good things, not bad, sing of happy, not sad, just sing a song…… a birdie! Message from your Dad…..with every child of promise, there is a divine destiny. You are a child of promise. Continue your gift of Destiny by continuing to write for God with the divine inspiration He has gifted you with.

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