The Original, Unparalleled Master Chef (& how a little boy is teaching me about faith)

I’ve been thinking about the little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus in the sixth chapter of John.

I don’t know what this boy thought would happen when he offered up his small lunch to the Teacher on that long-ago day. Perhaps he thought that it would serve as a meal for Jesus Himself, this man – this man like no other – who was doing so much good. Maybe he thought Andrew, Simon Peter, and the rest would have a wedge of barley bread, a bite of fish.

He couldn’t know that he was about to see the hands of Jesus break his five loaves and two fish into more than enough to satisfy the hunger of thousands of people. He couldn’t know that he was about to see a miracle.

He just gave all that he had to give and trusted that Jesus would do what was best with it.
I want to be like him, the child who let go of what he had just because Jesus asked for it.

I want the kind of faith that obeys without conditions, without wanting to please anyone but the Father, without knowing the end results. I want to trust that He always knows best.

It is up to us to give our loaves and fish. What happens next is up to Him.


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