Why We Need the Quiet

Sometimes, after the kids are in bed, I turn off the tv or the music and let a quiet calm reign in the house. I get my cup of tea and settle down with a book in my room…sometimes I just sit and close my eyes, the stillness welcome after a long day. It’s only then that I can hear it: the tick-tock heartbeat of the clock on my dresser.

All day long, it marks the time with its voice – but the sound is covered by the noise of the day.

Sometimes, the voice of our Savior is hard to discern in the busy-bustle of the day. But it is His voice that restores us; it is His voice that we long to hear. Come to Me, He says. Find rest in Me. Find freedom in Me.

If we can only settle down long enough to listen to His small, still voice – we will hear that He is steady-speaking words of Life – I am always with you. You are mine. You are loved. 

My prayer for today? It’s that we can let everything else wait…in pursuing His presence, let’s find that moment of quiet. Let’s turn off the distraction and the noise so that we can hear Him…as JJ Heller says in the song I’m sharing with you today, “He came to bring us peace…came to recall us back to life.” He is exactly what we need, exactly this: our perfect gift.


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