How Everything Changed

Not for Your great need of us – Holy God, Maker of All –

Rather, Your great love for us broke the silence between us, crossed the chasm we created.

You came in our own skin
to taste our tears – the bitter and the sweet.

You wore our weakness,
this fragile flesh, Your eternal spirit within a heart easily broken so I may kneel, here, and recognize You
in a baby’s cry, in a bird’s swooping wing on wind, in water, in bread,
in Light – in Life
(for all things were made for You and by You and through You-
every beating heart and soul and spirit)
so You came,
image of the invisible God,
unwilling to be a stranger to us.

Unwilling to let us live as if we are unloved, You came on a quest to breathe Hope into earth. To rescue us, You surrendered Yourself.

Unwilling that we should be crushed by sorrow, unwilling that we be defined by our wrongs, unwilling that death reign among us-

You came.

We would have called it improbable –
Gentleness breaking chains –
We would have called it inconceivable –
Righteous One wrapping Himself in our shame-
We would have called it unthinkable –
Our Life called from Your death-

But You have always been God of our impossible-

So You laid Yourself down in a manger — on a cross — in a tomb —

And- rising again- You resurrected us

Fearless, free, redeemed.

You wrote Your own name on our hearts – You called us beautiful, named us beloved.

Unwilling that we should be alone,
You came –
God with us-
You stayed, Spirit within us-

You made us a Home in Your Heart
And so shall it ever be –

because You first loved us-
because You came.


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