Love Leads Us Home {following Christ to calvary}


He came to be our Way back to God.

He came so that the sin blocking our path into the Holy of Holies…into the presence of the Father….would be no more.

Because of Jesus, you and I can boldly come before the throne of grace, receiving mercy and help.

Because of Jesus, we abide in the Father’s love…and His Spirit abides in us.

As we enter into this month before we celebrate His resurrection, I want to have heart and eyes open to our Savior and all He has done for us. Can we dare to pray that we will see Him more fully than we ever have before, to love Him as we never have before? Can we pray for the Holy Spirit to wake us up, to teach us, to help us understand what it means to pick up our own crosses and follow Him?

In uncertain times and in every season, we set our eyes on Him…and I am feeling such a pull in my heart to keep steadfast focus on our Father, His Son, and His Spirit. Although we have been focusing on moments from Christ’s ministry over the past few months, I’d like for us to spend March following Jesus as He teaches, heals, and saves in the power of the Spirit and in obedience to the Father. I’d like for us to walk along through the Word all the way to the cross on Calvary so that we can see that empty tomb on Easter morning with fresh eyes and hearts ready to rejoice.

So on the in-between-regular-post-days, I will be posting readings from Scripture…in this way, we can journey through the Gospels together (in (loosely) chronological order). Please join in and invite others to read along with us…it is my prayer that our faith will thrive and our hope will flourish as we keep our hearts tuned to His!


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