Invitation & Update

The candy is eaten, the ‘Easter clothes’ are hanging in the closet, and the baskets are sitting askew on the floor, ready to be packed away…yes, the signs of holiday celebration are disappearing.

But the reason for our celebration continues…for this Resurrection-joy is a forever promise, our here-and-now-and-always hope.

Throughout the coming weeks, we will be taking a look at what happened to the disciples after that Resurrection morning…and how we, too, have been changed by that long-ago day.

I will be returning to the regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts…but in the meantime, I would LOVE for you to click over to the So Beloved Facebook page for daily encouragement. And while you’re there – could you share a post to give others hope? How has your life changed #becausejesusisalive?

I asked friends and family this same question…and I made a video to share their responses. In case you missed the video over the weekend, I do hope that you have a few minutes to watch it now…and I will meet you here tomorrow, with a guest-writer who is going to share an incredible story of hope and healing! 


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