Nothing is Impossible

There is nowhere to run. An army advances behind, the depths of the sea lie ahead. There is no way of escape…

until the waters part.

Nothing is impossible.

 His laughter is louder than their war-cry, his threats are stronger than their courage. This enemy overwhelms, this enemy declares he will crush all in his path…

until a stone flies from a little boy’s hand and the giant-warrior falls.

Nothing is impossible.

One more meal and nothing will be left. One more meal and she will watch her son die. She has no hope and no future…

until she shares with the prophet, and right before her eyes, the jars that were empty now overflow.

Nothing is impossible.

Vast armies come to drive the people out, armies with great force and unrivaled power. Even the king knows not what to do…

until they set their eyes on Him, their lips sing His praise, and the armies destroy each other.

Nothing is impossible.

Lions prowl, bellies aching for food, and he is thrown into the den to satisfy their hunger. There is no way out…

until angels shut the great beasts’ mouths.

Nothing is impossible.

The furnace blazes hot enough to kill anyone near it and into the heart of the flames they are thrown, bound and left to burn…

until One that shines like the Son of God walks through the fire with them. Not even the scent of smoke remains when they walk out of the flames, unharmed and unafraid.

Nothing is impossible.

Waves push and pull the boat. Overcome by wild wind and raging rain, they fall into despair…

until He speaks peace and the fierce storm obeys.

Nothing is impossible.

Your daughter, she is dead, they say and urge him to come home. And his heart, it grieves bitterly…

until He says ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe,’ and like she’d only been sleeping, the little girl wakes.

Nothing is impossible.

All his days, unseeing. All his years are spent in darkness. Every day is the same, blindness defining his life…

until Someone touches his eyes and they are wide-open, astonished by the light.

Nothing is impossible.

Legs useless and hands empty, he waits for his turn to dip into angel-touched water. He fears he will never reach it, will never change…

until a voice says ‘Take up your mat and walk’.

Nothing is impossible.

She waits for the weight of the stones, waits for her last breath, waits in the shame and fear of guilt…

until He kneels and her accusers fall away. Her Savior stays, and with Him, a new kind of life.

Nothing is impossible.

Betrayed and beaten, crucified by the people He loves. Three days in a tomb and the ones who followed Him wholly undone…

until the stone rolls away.

Nothing is impossible with God.

 Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him. –Isaiah 64:4



3 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I love remembering all of the amazing things we see God do for His people in the Scripture…and knowing that He is still able to work in ways we can’t even imagine in our own lives!!

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