Renew In Me


You chose us, even before the foundation of this world was laid. Your love doesn’t come and go. It doesn’t change. Your compassionate heart is faithful toward us. Your purpose for us is unshakeable.

You are steadfast. Firm and unwavering.

How I want those words to describe my faith, my love, my heart.

I want my heart to be undivided, wholly Yours.

Let no distraction turn my eyes from You. Let it be Your approval that I am after, unswayed by anyone else’s opinions of me. Let my own desires be re-shaped until I can say to live is Christ, to die is gain. Let my ambitions be wholly displaced by a life lived for Your glory. Let every sin that tries to trip me up be cast aside, every thought put under obedience to You. Let every doubt be replaced with trust. Let my ears be closed to fear and open only to Your voice.

Every time, Lord, and in everything–I want to say: I choose You.


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