In His Presence


I’ve been filling out calendar pages and making lists today to prepare for the second half of 2016. I tend to get overwhelmed with so many things to do, buy, plan, and attend. My mind begins to wonder about the what-ifs and unknowns of the coming days.

So it is especially good to know that here, at the close of day, He goes before me and makes my path straight…so I can surrender all these things to His keeping and just BE for a while. I can lean into the heart of the Father and just rest…and all the while, He is bringing the pieces of this life together for my good. My future is in His hands and so I don’t need to worry…my part is to trust in Him while He guides my feet one step at a time.

Yes, it is good to be near Him, my refuge, my portion, and the strength of my heart..for it’s here that I am welcomed and my spirit is restored. It’s here that I can breathe easy, secure in His faithful love.

Whatever your circumstances are tonight, I hope that you can take time to unwind your worries in prayer, letting Him calm your heart like the good Father He is…there is no need for striving in His presence, no need to stay strong…come into His presence (right where you are!) and you will find that there is rest and there is love waiting for you.



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