the One Who Holds Us


Even when uncertainty runs through our days, we can rest. We still have peace. We still have hope.

Even we don’t know what happens next or the whys of it all, we DO know the One whose heart is always for us…the One who is steadfast. Unchanging. Unshakeable.

His word endures. His purpose endures. His love endures.

And so we rest, secure on this foundation that does not move and in His love for us that does not falter. We have peace in His plans, even when we don’t yet know them, because His compassion for us is unending. His ways are unerring. He sees behind us and He goes before, working all things for our good.

Our hope is in Him, in who He is — our faithful Father, holy and true and powerful.

So lay down your burdens, heavy-hearted ones, and let Him take care of your tomorrow.

He doesn’t let us down. He doesn’t forsake us. He doesn’t fail.


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