Who am I?

I’ve mentioned that I’m not a preacher or a religious expert…here’s what I am: a woman who has experienced the grace and love of God.  I am a preacher’s kid (and grandkid), so I’ve been learning about God my whole life….and I never want to stop learning. Because I’m stubborn, and I need constant updates. 🙂  And also because, as life changes around me, He gives me new strength and new ways to love…it’s amazing, really, how He gives us what we need to know just when we need to know it.  Details about me? I’m the oldest of four kids, I have a husband (who sells cars and is the worship pastor of a local church :)), I have three kids (ages 7, 10, and 12), and I live in a super small southern town. I love the following things: writing, reading, music, hot tea, the sea, traveling, baking, and….twinkly lights are awesome.  I don’t like daddy-long-leg spiders, people poking me in the ear, and meanness, among other things.  I want to learn how to play my guitar and I’m finishing up a degree in Religious Studies…which means I am often covered in highlighter ink. And sometimes paper cuts.

I am here, writing this blog, because I want you to know that you’re not alone out there…God is waiting for you to invite Him into your life.

I hope to get to know you better, too…please introduce yourself in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi,

    What a great blog! Enjoyed the warmth of your Welcome page, was really interested in this Who am I page and a trip through some of your recent posts were very encouraging and uplifting.
    Do keep writing, you clearly have a gift.

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